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A Book Review: “The Robotic Touch: How Robots Change Architecture”

by Erman Eruz

In a relatively recent commercial, General Electric presents their vision of the future of work, a future where human-driven design is assisted by machines. The main actors of the commercial are 3-D printers and indust... Read article

Nature as the Textbook: A Review of Nelson’s Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms

by Lynn Coppedge

“By suggestion and example, I believe children can be helped to hear the many voices about them. Take time to listen and talk about the voices of the earth and what they mean—the majestic voice of thunder, the winds,... Read article

Book Review of “Spectacular Vernacular: London’s 100 Most Extraordinary Buildings”

by Sarah Essbai

In "Spectacular Vernacular: London's 100 Most Extraordinary Buildings," David Long takes the reader through central London to discover its least known yet extraordinary buildings. As disclosed in the book's introduction,... Read article

The Costs of Not Implementing Green Logistics: A Book Review

by Dan Malo

Green Logistics: Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Logistics (2nd edition, Kogan Page), by Alan C. McKinnon et. al, is a 2013 publication covering the best green-practices in supply-chain management.   Lea... Read article

“Reclaiming Our Food” Will Change the Way You Eat: A Book Review

by Sarah Thomas

Tanya Denckla Cobb’s latest book, Reclaiming Our Food: How the Grassroots Food Movement Is Changing the Way We Eat, provides a practical guide for anyone looking to get involved in the local foods movement. Cobb uses... Read article

“Tunnels, Towers & Temples: London’s 100 Strangest Places” Book Review

by Alexandra Serbana

Henry James wrote “London. It is not a pleasant place; it is not agreeable, or cheerful, or easy … it is only magnificent.” David Long found it appropriate to cite this quote in the introduction of his book Tunnels, T... Read article

Book Review: “The Solar House: Pioneering Sustainable Design”

by Bora Mici

Anthony Denzer's 250+ page book The Solar House: Pioneering Sustainable Design, published by Rizzoli, is a study of the evolution of solar design from the 1930's onward. Dispelling the notion that solar design is a thing... Read article

Hacking the City: “Explore Everything” Book Review

by Christine Cepelak

There is a feeling among many people that the city is built for others, that we may look at it but may not touch it, the spatial equivalent of an artifact in a glass case in a museum. (162) Explore Everything documents ... Read article

Book Review: ‘Rebel Cities’ by David Harvey

by Christine Cepelak

David Harvey is unabashedly political in his book Rebel Cities, published in 2012. He roots urban planning firmly in the realm of human rights and draws a distinct ‘line in the sand’ between cities which honor the rights... Read article

Revive Traditional Architecture: A Book Review of “The Architecture of Community”

by Jennifer Garcia

Traditional architecture steps out of the shadows of history to challenge today’s results of the modern building process. While critics may find a lot to disagree with in this book, Léon Krier presents a comprehensive tr... Read article

Book Review: ‘Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change’

by Christine Cepelak

Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change is an extended summary of Peter Calthorpe’s thought leadership in the areas of urban planning and its impacts on the surrounding environment. Arguing the holistic nature of planning ... Read article

Rethinking Placemaking: Book Review of “Urbanism Without Effort”

by Colin Poff

Ideas about cities are always changing, but the fundamentals of urban living stand the test of time. Urbanism Without Effort, written by Seattle native Chuck Wolfe, suggests that we consider the basics when faced with th... Read article

Abracadabra: A Book Review of Kunstler’s “Too Much Magic”

by Jennifer Garcia

Have people begun to believe that technology can solve all the world’s problems? Author James Howard Kunstler makes this convincing argument in his newest book Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology, and the Fate o... Read article

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