Fujian Wuhushan National Forest Park Master Plan Expects a One Billion Yuan Investment  

by Elle Huang

The Fujian Provincial Forestry Department approved the Fujian Wuhushan National Forest Park Master Plan in the experts' review meeting held in Fuzhou City, Fujian, China. In July 2014, the Wuhusha...

Progress in the Development of the Ballon Neighborhood in Lille, France

by Carmen Phillips

On Monday, March 14, the results of the public consultation regarding the development of the Ballon Neighborhood in the Metropolitan Area of Lille (MEL) were reported to the public. The inclusion ...

Xiamen, China Announces New Regulations for Sponge City Construction

by Elle Huang

After the "Xiamen Sponge City Construction Technical Specifications (Trial)" (the Specs), another important document -- the "Xiamen Sponge City Construction Management Interim Measures" (the Measu...

Cote-d’Azur to Ban Smoking in Outdoor Public Areas

by Carmen Phillips

After experimenting with smoking bans in certain public spaces in Antibes, anti-smoking measures are extending and becoming permanent. A new program is planned to be in effect starting this summer...

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