Bridging the Digital Divide Through Internet Access in North Carolina’s Triangle Region

by Rachel Eberhard

Tech savvy residents can rejoice that Google Fiber will be coming to the Triangle region in North Carolina. Google chose several cities to serve as testing sites for its high-speed broadband servi...

One World Trade Center, A Symbol of American Perseverance

by Quinn Harding

One World Trade Center is an extremely prominent structure in New York City. The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, it is visible in Brooklyn, Queens, and many parts of Manhattan. There a...

A Tree Planted on Tête de Chien for Each New Birth In Monaco

by Carmen Phillips

For each new birth in the Principality, a tree is planted at the Tête de Chien (Dog’s Head) rock in Monaco. Objective: to reforest and raise awareness. Below is an example from a recent planting. ...

Recyclables Traded for Bus Fare at Bus Stations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

From October 19 to November 19, 2015, the city of Rio de Janeiro tested a machine that accepted recyclable materials in exchange for a bus pass. The machine was located in the Alvorada bus termina...

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