Los Angeles Ports Face Large Infrastructural Challenges to Keep Up with Rise of a New Age of Megaships

by Sophia Huynh

At the Port of Los Angeles, a new age has started with the arrival of the mega-ship CMA-CGM Benjamin Franklin. The mega-ship breaks the record of being the largest container ship to dock at the Po...

Battle for Bus Lanes: Prioritizing Chicago’s Public Transit

by Hannah Flynn

The Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) most iconic feature may be its mostly-elevated rail line system, affectionately known as the “L.” However, its bus system is more widespread and more utilized...

Quinn Harding Says Farewell to The Global Grid from New York City

by Quinn Harding

My time as an architectural blogger began in October of 2015. I saw this internship as an opportunity to explore New York City and learn more about my hometown city. Going to college in Pennsylvan...

Malibu, California Bans Harmful Pesticides After City Council Finds Catastrophic Impact on Wildlife

by Sophia Huynh

While pesticides are known for effectively and quickly removing unwanted pests, they can also contain substances that are harmful to both wildlife and the environment. Sparked by the death of a yo...

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